In addition to printed fabrics, we at Miroglio Textile can also manufacture full finished garments by systematically leveraging our garment-making expertise and the qualities of our integrated supply chain at the new Miroglio Maroc plant, for a full optimization of timings and costs. From moodboards to fabric and print selection, from customized paper patterns to prototypes, from manufacturing to warehouse shipments, our clients choose their favourite creativity and we manufacture and deliver a retail-ready product accordingly

Original creations

We can either draw from our Archive or make variations to designs from Miroglio Textile collections.

10.000 base models

We have a wide database of regular and conformed base models and we use a 3D technology that anticipates the actual prototype and accelerates fine-tuning.

Fast prototyping

The average times of our prototyping service are of only two weeks after project receipt.

Certified manufacturing

We can handle production orders of 500 items per model/colour with average delivery times of about two months after receiving the order and all relevant approvals.