Miroglio Textile’s Studio Creativo is a research, imagination and talent studio, where our collections are created and our client’s ideas are moulded after being discussed with our designers, a team of professionals who are fully up-to-date with the latest international trends.

can be of inspiration.

From artworks to print patterns, the starting point can be anything from a designer’s digital file to a draft on paper, from a picture from a magazine to a design stored in the Miroglio Archive. These inspirations are then tailored around a client’s requirements in order to ensure the best possible colour and quality results, along with an ongoing support in the selection of the best fabrics and the most suitable printing techniques.

A perfect blend
of art and technology.

Studio Creativo is our creative workshop, where design software applications work side by side with handcrafting techniques based on pencils, temperas and inks. Here we make the most out of digital innovation without losing the look-and-feel and know-how of traditional printing methods.

Accademia Miroglio:
seeking talents.

Workshops, classes, Archive guided tours, stages, grants and school projects: Accademia Miroglio has partnered with the best universities and fashion and design institutes in Italy and abroad to offer a number of opportunities for students and young designers. We provide training paths where you can be inspired by our tradition, give a deeper edge to your know-how of materials and printing techniques and apply your creativity, guided by those who work in this industry every day. Our goal? To give the best talents an opportunity to join our Studio Creativo and turn their dream into a profession.

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