We print stories.

Founded in 1947 in Alba (Piedmont, Italy), Miroglio Textile is the Group’s company operating on the printed fabric, plain fabric, yarn, transfer paper and technical film markets. Our company is the result of weaving together Italian design, art and technology, handcrafting expertise, research and innovation, state-of-the-art equipment and four major logistics and manufacturing plants making us one of the biggest European companies in this industry.  Grown from a family business to an industrial centre, we can leverage our 70-year history in a tailor-made service for clients from many different market segments, including clothing, architecture, interior design and leather goods. Our products are behind a countless number of projects.

We believe in an integrated supply chain for fabrics that are designed and printed in Italy.

Painting the world through our prints.


We look at the world with a child’s eyes to anticipate trends and grow even bigger than we are today. Day after day, it is an ongoing evolution.


We keep our promises and commit to rise to even the hardest challenge. We’re not afraid of taking risks and we learn from our mistakes.


Learning, growing, sharing. Experience is our added value. A heritage of skills to pass on, from generation to generation.


We believe in our projects, we work with passion, we give our best while unleashing our creativity. Together, we make a difference.

Four highly specialized manufacturing plants.

Govone - Fabrics

Operating since 1980, our plant in Govone (Cuneo, Italy) is the biggest printing facility in Europe with a 64,000 m² surface, more than 3,500 processed designs per year and a 10 million metre manufacturing capacity.

Alba - Transfer printing

Our Alba plant is dedicated to printing and applying decorations to cellulose or plastic film media, which are later transferred by the client onto different materials such as fabric, leather, wood and metal. This plant can manage all manufacturing steps internally and also contribute to our ongoing experimentation through its R&D lab.

Tunisia - Yarns

Established at the dawn of the new millennium, the Filature Italienne plant in Bourmedès specializes in staple fibre spinning and yarn manufacturing from cotton, synthetic, artificial and natural fibres. A 19,000 m² facility where a huge expertise in tailor-made fashion solutions is fully leveraged.

Marocco - Finished garments

The new Miroglio Maroc manufacturing centre in Casablanca is our reference point for the manufacturing of finished garment under the Miroglio Fashion brands and the Private Label channel. A high excellence plant with an integrated and WRAP-, SMETA- and BSCI-certified supply chain for finished garment production.

Every item we create has more than one soul.

Creatives, design technicians, colorists, printers. Every Miroglio Textile product is the result of ideas and work by many different professionals. We pass on our technical, manual, artistic and handcrafting expertise from generation to generation: valuable assets that are built within our company and continuously updated after the latest industry innovation to provide a true human-focused technology. We believe that machines are only essential when they allow individuals to best express their brilliance.

Weaving our sustainable commitment.

The printed fabric industry has a significant environmental blueprint in terms of natural resources, electric power and chemicals consumption. We love our job and have always been committed to making it more and more sustainable.

Our commitment is testified by our technological investments in digital printing allowing us to achieve 50% water savings over traditional printing, by our participation to Greepeace’s DETOX campaign for cleaner fashion and by the removal of hazardous chemicals from our manufacturing processes. Our environmental responsibility is further testified by the industry certifications we have obtained.

Certified responsability.

We were sustainable long before it was cool, that’s why we’re even more so today. We live in a time when meeting qualitative and environmental standards is a major distinctive factor for international clients who are more and more sensitive to such topics. To us, responsibility equals to competitiveness. Our certifications are renewed every year and they are true benefits for us, our clients and the planet alike.


The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is the major standard for sustainable production of textiles made from organic fibres, such as organic cotton or wool.


The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is granted to companies using recycled content for their products in compliance to environmental and social criteria extended to all steps within the supply chain.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard is a quality management system certifying a company’s ability to provide products and services that meet agreement requirements and contribute to our clients’ satisfaction.


The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a certification system for raw materials, technologies, processes and products (colourants and chemicals) complying to international safety standards.


The AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification granted by the EU custom authority to operators that are deemed as trusted and safe within the supply chain ensures a higher level of quickness and safety in logistics.