Over the course of our 130-year history we have collected an endless number of original designs and artworks, samples, engraved cylinders, proof papers and sample books divided according to seasons: they stand for our work and our genuine know-how.
Our Archive is a precious form of copyright protection for our clients, who can have a proof of the grandfathering of our designs.
But it is also an artistic heritage that still inspires our future, as our designers and illustrators reinterpret the items from our Archive and blend them with the latest trends for their new original creations.

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Original drawings

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Fabric samples

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Engraved cylinders

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Sample books

Making room for our identity.

The value of such a vast and unique collection of assets deserved a physical place, open to everybody. That’s why we launched our Archive. A three-floor building on Santa Margherita street in Alba – the original location of the very first Miroglio weaving factory back in 1947 – on a mission to blend the past, present and future of our corporate culture. The three areas are named after the writing on an old item that once belonged to the first Miroglio textile store (dating back to the early 20th Century) in Alba’s Duomo square: Novità (News), Solidità (Solidity), Economia (Economy).

Three floors
for an authentic experience.


This is the industrial-looking groundfloor accommodating Miroglio Textile’s origins: over 220,000 items including samples, designs and artworks that visitors can both browse first-hand or through our digitized full archive.


The first floor hosts the company’s Studio Creativo. This environment is where our designers and illustrators unleash their creativity. It’s our style office, where new concepts and collections for today’s market come to life, fuelled by the endless inspirations from our Archive.


The second/top floor features the Library and the Movie and Training halls, where you can attend our workshops and meet with artists and illustrators. A high-brow, scenographic space for studying and experimenting that is open to students, visitors and clients seeking for insights and inspirations.

Cylinder archive.
Fine art engravings.

Our collection is also displayed at the storehouse in our Govone plant, showing over 40,000 nickel cylinders used for roller printing with laser-engraved tubes (photogravure technology). These are priceless historic matrices that we only use for our wider scope projects requiring the charm and allure of a one-of-a-kind technology. A technique allowing our craftsmanship to become art, through the impression of vivid and bright colours onto fabrics, cylinder after cylinder.